Field Sites

Forest-grassland mosaics in Southern Brazil

We have been working mainly in the forest-grassland mosaics in southern Brazil where the forests are Araucaria-dominated Atlantic rainforests, one of the most endangered  forest types in the world and a hotspot of global biodiversity.

Old-growth forests in Northern Ontario

We work in Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, Ontario Canada. This is the largest stand of intact old-growth red pine forest in the world. We have also worked on white pine old-growth forests near Temagami.

Temperate forests in mountainous regions in China

We have been working in collaboration with colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences on biodiversity studies of forests northwest of Beijing, China.

Industrially-disturbed and restored forests

We have a network of sites in the industrially-perturbed landscapes surrounding the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario that were established in 2000, and we have done a number of studies examining the recovery and restoration of these forests.